KONICE Corporation is a Filipino and Korean owned business enterprise that is duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commissions and licensed to operate as Importer and Distributor of Korean products in the Philippines. The Company is operated by people honed by professionalism, good values and skills in the field of management, finance, marketing and sales.

We are the market leader in the portable gas stove and butane gas industry in the Philippines for more than 18 years. Now a formidable force in the production, distribution and installation of construction materials, we have become known for our focus on high technology products, great service and exceeding customer expectations.

By focusing on providing good quality merchandise, great service and consistently working hard exceeding customer expectations, KONICE CORPORATION rapidly spread around the Philippines and it wasn’t long before demand outstripped supply and more quantities were added.

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KONICE CONSTRUCTION INC. is a company specializing in the field of Construction and Renovation of Commercial Complex, Warehouse, Industrial buildings including Carpentry, Painting, Plumbing and Fabrication of Roof Trusses works.

The company was established, to fill up the needs of customer requirements in a modernized construction methodology that will deliver an excellent result at the lowest cost and at the proper schedule of time.

The company aims to uplift construction methods by proper planning of all phases of work and to deliver to its clients the best systems of utmost performance and efficiency.

The company key technical personnel were chosen from among well experienced engineers who are proficient in both international and local construction standards and techniques. Therefore, we have the capability to design, build and construct

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